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Selling property is my #1 favorite activity. 2023 was my best year in sales to date. All my listings sold, and on average they sold for 3.8% ABOVE full asking price.

How do I sell homes?

Being truly excellent at selling property takes an uncommon pairing of abilities. There is an analytical side of these transactions that require a lot of data crunching and details, and there is also a very human side. That’s simply true. 

I’ve realized over the years that the main thing that sets me apart is having abilities in both these areas. I’m naturally data-driven and detail-oriented, and I also score high on emotional intelligence and human interaction. This allows me to efficiently navigate both the analytical necessities, and the interpersonal dynamics, of real estate transactions.

These are the three pillars of strategy in selling homes:

  1. Getting the price right
    I personally analyzes the market, pouring over recent sales, property by property, feature by feature, in great detail, in order to list the property at the most effective price. This is absolutely crucial and demands time and effort. A new listing is never more exciting to homebuyers than the first days that it is listed, and positioning it correctly from the beginning makes all the difference.
  2. Exemplary Marketing
    Tim oversees an intelligent and detailed marketing plan that is massively effective at getting the property in front of the eyes of homebuyers immediately. Every aspect of the marketing plan has been tested, honed, improved, and nearly perfected over time. Every base is covered: photography, websites, brochures, direct mail, social media, email blasts, and open houses. All designed and directed to get the home sold quickly and for the best price.
  3. Salesmanship and negotiation.
    The way you communicate with homebuyers and their agents matters. Homebuying can be a challenging and even emotional process for people. Having the emotional intelligence and diplomatic skills to effectively navigate showings, answer questions and get answers to questions, receive and respond to offers, and negotiate terms, all while maintaining a posture of professionalism, integrity, and good will is vitally important. Tim is an excellent human communicator. This is perhaps the greatest advantage in hiring Tim as your agent.Ex